Make a Wish

CPH digital has collaborated with the Danish division of Make a Wish, to generate an increase in online donations. We therefore created a Drupal solution for in organisation from scratch and also added a DIBS-payment function as well as newsletter signup. This new solution enables the possibility to support Make a Wish with a financial contribution, give gift card, become a sponsor or support a specific wish. This increase in online availability is supposed to facilitate a financial increase, as well as bringing added attention to the work of Make a Wish, due to its newfound availability to private sponsors as well as larger companies and benefactors.

CPH digital took this on as a pro bono project, due to our respect and interest in the work of the Make a Wish foundation. We therefore made ourselves available to the foundation at a very reduced price. CPH digital is therefore listed as one of the supporters of Make a Wish which we are very proud of.

You can visit the page here