Ford and SimpleAd

CPH digital and Ford have worked together on their online campaigns for quit a considerable amount of time. We take care of the campaigns that have specific models as their focal point, but our collaboration is especially unique when regarding campaigns that are more theme oriented. In 2013 Ford was running the ad campaign Always On, which consisted of more than 40 different online banners. Most of the banners contained two different car models with the coherent information, prices and energy labels. The unique thing about this particular campaign is that all the models and informations could be changed by the client in our CMS program SimpleAD. This enabled a more elaborate and detailed campaign that was responsive to the changes that was taking place offline, without any further ad development. Due to the decrease in development work needed from CPH digital, the client was provided with a profoundly larger campaign without any additional cost.

Model specific online campaigns

Our collaboration with Ford also covers the model specific campaigns, which often have to be created to work with different outlets than just online. The communication between CPH digital and Ford is essential to ensure a streamlined campaign across the board. When working with CPH digital you always speak directly to the designer or developer assigned to your specific project, to ensure the most efficient and detailed process and outcome. This allows us to create the campaigns for Ford so that they match other parts of the same campaign on different media platforms, both online and offline.


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